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Call for papers. ISSR Conference 2021- On The Intersection Of Science And Religion: Theoretical And Empirical Approaches

International Society for the Sociology of Religion 36th Conference – 12 July – 15 July 2021 – Online

Call for papers 8 January to 28 february : 

On The Intersection Of Science And Religion: Theoretical And Empirical Approaches

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Session Convener(s):Irrazabal, Gabriela – CONICET (ArgentinaGülker, Silke – Leipzig UniversityGriera, Mar – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Session Abstract:New sociological approaches have shown that the relation between science and religion is far more complex than secularization theories initially assumed. On the one hand, the boundaries between religion and science are non‐fixed or stable but contingent and subjected to constant negotiation. On the other, both spheres, religion and science, are highly heterogeneous which makes it erratic to take them as abstract, and disembodied categories. Debates on the relationship between science and religion often reproduce the dichotomy of science versus religion and thereby co‐write the narrative of a science based on pure rationality and religion based on pure irrationality. Departing from these considerations, we aim to explore both the role of believing in science and of knowing in religion. We are interested in understanding the complex ways in which religious ideas and ethical principles can influence the production of scientific knowledge, and in the social frameworks in which religious organisations and actors produce, re‐appropriate, integrate and re‐signify scientific knowledge. We invite authors to submit theoretical and/or empirical papers around the following lines:

‐ Public controversies on science and technology advances and religion (eg. reproductive technologies, life support technologies, stem cell research, embryo research & crioconservation, gene editing, artificial intelligence).
‐ The reconfiguration of the religion and science relation amidst the Coronavirus pandemics.
‐ Global approaches and configurations of multiple secularities
‐ The public role and impact of global networks of religious‐scientific experts
‐ Science and religion in everyday life of believers: therapeutic complementarity, reproductive technologies, medical treatments, vaccines, end of life care.
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Acerca de Gabriela Irrazábal

Licenciada en sociología (UNLP), Doctora en Ciencias Sociales (UBA), profesora de Metodología de la Investigación (UNAJ), investigadora asistente de CONICET, integrante del Centro de Estudios en Política Criminal y Derechos Humanos (CEPOC), Argentina.


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